PSCSTA is providing official Washington state clock hours for the following online, self-paced CSTA courses [Spring Session] for its members: 
Identity Inclusion for K-12 Computer Science Educators [Spring Session] | Computer Science Teachers Association ( [10 clock hours]


Teach Security: The Security Mindset [Spring Session] | Computer Science Teachers Association ( [4 STEM clock hours]

The Spring session is from Apr 3 - Jun 11, 2023.    Cost is free to CSTA+ members.   While these courses are available to standard CSTA members for $40 (security) or $99 (identity), PSCSTA strongly suggests becoming a CSTA+ member ($50) first and then taking these courses for free.

PSCSTA will also provide clock hours for future sessions of this course for the rest of this school year.   

If you are interested in getting clock hours for either of these courses, please contact before starting work on the actual course so that we can look out for you. 
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