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CSTA Puget Sound (WA) (aka "PSCSTA") is piloting the inaugural "Washington Computer Science Education Extravaganza" - an online competition for schools running through the end of 2023.   Computer science teachers and their students participate in various pro-CSEd activities to earn points for their school and determine "the most fabulous" computer science high schools in Washington state.    We need volunteers, sponsors, donors, and passionate supporters of CS education to make this event even more fantastic for all the teachers and students involved.  Contact csta.pugetsound@gmail.com to help.
Washington CS Ed Week Extravaganza Poster
Computer Science Teachers have an opportunity to receive up to $30,000 for their school/district with the 2023-24 Computer Science Education grant funded through FP777. Applications are due on September 15th and there are opportunities for schools/districts with formal Computer Science Education plans and those without formal plans.
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