PSCSTA Professional Development

Looking for some online PD this summer?

CSTA Puget Sound (aka "PSCSTA") will provide free Washington clock hours for the following CSTA online courses during the Summer 2024 (July 22 - Sep 29, 2024):
Women in CS: Understanding the Impacts, Disparities and Their Voices (5 hours):  Online, self-paced course on Coursera. This course is designed for educators seeking to create an inclusive and empowering learning environment that encourages and increases female student participation in STEM with a significant focus on computer science.   Free for CSTA+ members.
Add-Ons to Boost Equity and Inclusion for Your CS Curriculum (4 hours):  Online, self-paced course on Coursera.   This course explores ways to add elements to any curriculum to make it more inclusive. Participants will evaluate their chosen curricula for aspects of student voice, student choice, diversity, and equitable assessment. Free for CSTA+ members.
Using Data to Improve Diverse Participation in CS (6 hours):  Online, self-paced course on Coursera, this course provides a foundational understanding of the systematic and structural barriers that keep underrepresented students out of computer science classrooms.   Free for CSTA+ members.
Fostering a Sense of Belonging in Your CS classroom (4 hours): Online, self-paced course on Coursera, this course explores critical elements of the classroom to create an environment that is welcoming for everyone.  Free for CSTA+ members. Free for CSTA+ members.
Teach Security: The Security Mindset (4 hours STEM): Online, self-paced course on Coursera, this course helps high school CS teachers introduce important cybersecurity principles in their CS classrooms. Free for CSTA+ members.   Note: This course was also offered in 2022-23.  
To receive free Washington clock hours for these courses, you must be a CSTA Puget Sound (WA) chapter member and inform both when you start and complete the course.   Except for the endorsement exam prep course, all of the above courses are free to members of CSTA+ ($50 annual fee) members.  Although these courses are available for a fee to non-CSTA+ members (i.e., CSTA (free) members), it is far more efficient to purchase a CSTA+ annual membership if you decide even to take one of the courses.
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