During the 2023-24 school year, OSPI granted $826,000 via the Computer Science Education Grant (FP777) and $62,000 via the AP Computer Science Initiative Grant (FP656) to provide extra funding for CS education.  Recipient details are below.
Update:  The detailed results of the 2023-24 grant process (complete grant applications and scoring) are available here.   
During the 2023-24 school year, OSPI provided a total of $826,000 to the following recipients under the Computer Science Education Grant (FP777).
RecipientEntity Type2023-24 AmountTotal Grants since 2016Total Amount Since 2016
ESD 123ESD$280,0002$319,898
AVID CenterNPO$65,0002$95,000
South Kitsap School DistrictDistrict$45,0006$650,894
Centralia School DistrictDistrict$30,0002$35,000
ESD 112ESD$30,0004$317,607
ESD 113 (Capital Region)ESD$30,0006$1,005,254
Lind School DistrictDistrict$30,0002$35,000
Pasco School DistrictDistrict$30,0001$30,000
Quincy School DistrictDistrict$30,0001$30,000
Renton School DistrictDistrict$30,0002$35,000
Snoqualmie Valley School DistrictDistrict$30,0001$30,000
East Valley School District (Spokane)District$28,0001$28,000
Chief Leschi Tribal CompactSTEC$20,0001$20,000
ESD 121 (Puget Sound)ESD$16,0001$16,000
Brinnon School DistrictDistrict$15,0003$54,722
Mount Adams School DistrictDistrict$15,0004$83,000
North Beach School DistrictDistrict$15,0003$39,000
Walla Walla Public SchoolsDistrict$15,0005$142,720
Tukwila School DistrictDistrict$12,0001$12,000
Ephrata School DistrictDistrict$10,0004$84,920
Lummi Tribal AgencySTEC$10,0001$10,000
ESD 105ESD$5,0001$5,000
Federal Way School DistrictDistrict$5,0001$5,000
Franklin Pierce School DistrictDistrict$5,0001$5,000
La Conner School DistrictDistrict$5,0002$57,060
Pateros School DistrictDistrict$5,0001$5,000
Puyallup School DistrictDistrict$5,0001$5,000
Soap Lake School DistrictDistrict$5,0001$5,000
Sunnyside School DistrictDistrict$5,0001$5,000


Note: In FY2023-24, ESD123 was the fiscal agent for activities collectively done by the CS Leads at each of the ESDs. These activities include the Washington Integration Network for Computer Science (WINforCS) website, events, and training and conducting CSforALL SCRIPT training for districts planning their initial implementation of CS


OSPI provided a total of $60,000 in FY 2024 to the following recipients under the AP Computer Science Initiative Grant (FP656)

RecipientFY 2023-24 AmountTotal Since 2014
Camas School District$8,000$8,000
Clover Park School District$8,000$27,500
Crescent School District$6,000$6,000
Dishman Hills High School$10,000$10,000
East Valley School District (Yakima)$10,000$10,000
Sequim School District$10,000$17,000
Walla Walla Public Schools$8,000$19,616


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