Voting for the 2023-2024 PSCSTA board members are complete and it's time to meet our new members!

Meet the 2023-2024 PSCSTA Board Members! 

For the past few weeks, elections for the 2023-2024  Puget Sound Computer Science Teachers Association have been underway. After many nominations and weeks of anticipation this past Monday, June 26th, voting wrapped up and ballots were counted. We happily introduce the PSCSTA 2023-2024 Board Members.
President:  Lauren Bricker 
Vice President: Catherine Wyman
Chapter Treasurer: Lawrence Tanimoto
Chapter Secretary: Jacqueline Russell
Chapter Leader: Tracey Sconyers
Chapter Leader: Elizabeth Bacon
Chapter Leader: Alec McTavish
Chapter Advocacy Lead: Lawrence Tanimoto
Chapter Equity Fellow: Jennifter Styer
In addition, Tailer Cochran will be working with the Board as our pre-service Student Media Manager for 2023-24
Welcome all new and old faces to the PSCSTA board. We look forward to see what this year brings!

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