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THIS EVENT HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED. NEW DATE TBD. Join us as we kick off CS Education Week with the launch of our inaugural Birds of a Feather (BOF) meetup, tailored for K-14 computer science educators.

📅 Date: Saturday, December 2, 2023

🕥 Time: 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM PST (90 minutes)

🌐 Virtual Platform: Zoom (Invitations will be sent upon registration)

Registration Details


This is a free event. Look for the pink registration button at the top right of this page. Not a CSTA member yet?  You can join at the basic membership level for free, or at the CSTA+ level (with enhanced benefits) for $50 per year

Event Overview

To launch this year's CS Education Week, we are providing CS educators across the state an opportunity to connect with peers and explore the trending topic of using AI in the K-14 classroom. We'll open the event with a short talk on the topic of AI In the Classroom (speaker details to be announced).  Following the presentation, we'll host two sessions where you can meet peer educators from around the state. The first session will break out by grade bands, enabling you to connect with fellow teachers dealing with similar grade-level curriculum challenges. The second session will break out by regional groups, fostering new and old connections with educators from your local CSTA chapter.

Depending on interest, future BOF meetups may explore additional areas such as: new teacher support, cybersecurity, AI/data science, physical computing, after school clubs, and more.


  • Opening Presentation: Trish Henry on "AI Tools in the Classroom"
  • Session 1: Grade Band Breakout Groups
  • Session 2: Regional Breakout Groups

     Note: Sign up for breakout groups at registration.

Speaker Bio

Trish Henry
District Librarian / K-5 Library Technology Instructor / Adjunct
Mead School District / Creekside Elementary / Whitworth and CWU
Biography (Created by ChatGPT):
Trish Henry is a dynamic and accomplished educator with a passion for inquiry learning through the use of applied technology and inquiry based learning. With a proven track record in applying new and emerging technologies in the classroom, Trish brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom. As a PLC lead teacher, an OSPI trainer (STEM and Social Studies) and as a leader in innovative library practices, Trish engages with students and colleagues to implement emerging technologies ethically with meaningful application in the classroom.
Throughout Trish's career, she has been recognized for her innovative practices as an educator which speaks to her dedication and excellence in the field of educational technology and library science.
In this presentation, Trish will share AI tools built specifically for the classroom and share how they can be used ethically, providing valuable insights and practical takeaways for the audience.  Don't miss the opportunity to learn from Trish Henry as she shares her expertise and inspires the audience with her insights into AI in the classroom.
What is a Birds of a Feather Meetup?
Birds of a Feather (BOF) meetups are a staple of tech conferences, offering a relaxed environment for conference attendees to come together, exchange thoughts, and pool their knowledge.  For K-14 computer science educators, who often serve as the sole representatives in their schools ("departments of one"), a BOF meetup presents a valuable chance to connect with their peer educators statewide. This event provides an ideal setting to discuss curriculum development, lesson plans, coding tools, equipment requirements, assessment strategies, and any other topics of interest with your fellow computer science educators.


Where can I learn more about AI in the Classroom before this event?

For an introductory look at the topic, Code.org offers a free, foundational online learning series (https://code.org/ai/pl/101) for any teacher and educator interested in the rapidly expanding world of artificial intelligence (AI) and its transformative potential in education. Though a series of 5 videos and companion guides, Partners Code.org, ETS, ISTE and Khan Academy are offering engaging sessions with renowned experts that will demystify AI, explore responsible implementation, address bias, and showcase how AI-powered learning can revolutionize student outcomes. 


For a more comprehensive dive, check out the Artificial Intelligence (AI) for K-12 initiative (https://ai4k12.org), which is jointly sponsored by AAAI and CSTA.  The initiative is developing (1) national guidelines for AI education for K-12, (2) an online, curated resource directory to facilitate AI instruction, and (3) a community of practitioners, researchers, resource and tool developers focused on the AI for K-12 audience. 

Tracey Sconyers